Handmade, sturdy hutches built by Critter Lodge. Both standard sizes, and custom builds.
(image is a recent, large custom build)


4 weeks ago
Bilbo had a great holiday at Critter Lodge. Dale was very attentive to his needs, very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Bilbo and I would highly recommend Critter Lodge. Thank you 🦎😊
- Wendy-Jane M
3 months ago
Dale looked after my two guinea pigs while we moved house and also very kindly offered to build a hutch to use at our new accommodation. I had searched high and low for a large, good quality hutch but was unable to find one. Dale built one checking with me what dimensions I wanted. I’m chuffed to bits with the result, it’s exactly what I wanted - a large, sturdy hutch with plenty of room for my pigs to run around in. My guinea pigs were well cared for and Dale also clipped their nails for me. I would recommend Critter Lodge to anyone wanting to board their small pets and if you need a hutch built to a high standard, Dale is the one!
- debbie t
a month ago
We left our hamster with Dale for two weeks while we were away, initially I was anxious as we had never left him for so long especially with a stranger but Dale put me at ease immediately. The hamster has been well looked after and content, we’ll definitely be using Critter Lodge again in the future
- Ellie D

Small pet board/Aquarium Maintenance

Critter Lodge also provides handmade, sturdy hutches in standard, or custom sizes. 

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Please scroll down for charges and Terms and Conditions...

About me:

Hi, there! My name is Dale, and thank you for visiting my site. If you're here, then I guess you're considering using a boarding service while you're away, or need someone to keep an eye on your aquarium?
Having many pets, myself, I know what a nightmare this can be. There are always plenty of kennels and cateries, but what about all of those other pets we keep? 
It's due to this problem, as well as my animal care and aquatics background, that I decided to create Critter Lodge.

Leaving our pets to the care of others can be worrying, especially if that person doesn't know too much about a particular animal's (or aquarium's) needs.

...Well, to start with, I had a very "animal related" upbringing. As a child, I was always fascinated with nature and wildlife, and spent weekends "helping out" (Getting in the way) in my Grandfathers petshop, in Truro. Later on as a teen, helping to run it.
I studied animal care in College, and went on to do roles such as an Animal park keeper (with all sorts of both large and small animals), assistant in a reptile centre, and Aquarist. 

At home, I have quite the mixture of pets; two aquariums housing african/American cichlids, as well as two turtles, Toothless the Water dragon, two rabbits, and Chappy the Border Collie. 
It will be my pleasure to take care of your pets' while you are away. They will be treated as one of my own, in a clean, secure, and quiet environment.

I look forward to meeting you and your pets. 





All charges are per night. 
Open hours are; 
9:00am-6:00pm Monday to Friday. 9:00am-12:00pm Saturdays
Closed Sundays. 
Drop offs and collections by appointment only.

...While away, if  you require both aquarium maintenance and animal boarding:
With each "standard aquarium maintenance visit" that you book, your pet(s) gets five nights boarding at a reduced rate (minus £1 per night, for five nights, from your total pet boarding charge)...
Veg only diets:
If your pet is on a veg only diet, we request an additional £5 a week for any veg we need to buy, or you are welcome to provide your own. Thank you... 

£5 per night, for one hutch.
Additional £2 per night for a second rabbit sharing.
(We will need to see that all rabbits have up to date vaccinations for both Myxomotosis and VHD)

Guinea Pigs:
£4 per night, for one hutch.
Additional £1 per night for second Guinea Pig sharing.

Large rodents:
Rats, Chinchillas, etc.
£4 per night, holidaying in their own cage.

(As some animals, particurly rabbits, can be quite fussy over food and hay, we ask that you provide both for your pets stay. straw bedding and shavings are provided by Critter Lodge).

All pets will be offered leafy greens, grass, and a small amount of other suitable veggies every few days, free of charge.


Small Furries:
Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils, etc
£3 per night, holidaying in their own cage.

Please provide enough food/bedding for your pet's stay. Shavings are provided by Critter Lodge.


Indoor birds:
£5 per night, holidaying in their own cage.

please provide enough food for your pet's stay. sand paper is provided by Critter Lodge.

£5 per night for one cage, which can house three small Tortoises (up to 6 inch), or holidaying in their own enclosure (size permiting). If your Tortoise is larger, please call and I will try to help.

We ask for an additional £5 per week for any veg we need to buy for veg only diets.
If your Tortoise has pellet food, please provide enough for their stay.

£5 per night, for up to two "small" Turtles (up to 5").
Please provide enough food for your pet's stay.

As a turtle owner myself, I know that this isn't so straightforward. Size and numbers will determine whether we can accomadate. Please give me a call if you have any doubts. I also provide Aquarium Maintenance on a "call out and service" basis, it may be that we can work something out if you are stuck. 


£4 per night for 4ft vivarium.
£3 per night for 3ft vivarium, or holidaying in their own enclosure (size permitting).

Please provide enough live/frozen food for your pet's stay. Live food needs to be in a suitable container (plastic critter box or similar), and will be guttloaded by Critter Lodge at no extra charge.


Aquarium Maintenance/Holiday care (fresh water systems only):

£10 for a basic "check/feed" plus 50p per mile travelled, outside of 5 mile radius. 

£30 for a "standard maintenance" visit for aquariums up to 180 litres (for aquariums over 180 litres there will be an additional £1 for every 5 litres), plus 50p per mile travelled, outside of 5 mile radius. 
recorded water checks for PH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.
Water change.
glass cleaning, and substrate vacuum.
cleaning of internal filters...
... Even check on and water house plants, if required. 

...Canister filter maintenance is an additional £5...

(Critter Lodge is insured for key holding) 


***We will require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking, and the balance to be paid, in full, on the day that you leave your pet/s with us. We accept cash or bank transfer. Thank you.

Please call or email to book***


***Terms and Conditions***

*While it is my utmost pleasure to take care of your pet/s, and all will be looked after as if they were my own, all animals staying with us do so at their own risk*

*All pets will be checked on arrival for infectious disease, poor health, and/or injury. All rabbits must be vaccinated for VHD and Myxomatosis. We reserve the right to refuse boarding of any animal we deem "unwell"*

*All pets need to be brought with enough food to last their stay. In the event of their food running out, the cost of extra food will be added to your Charge, and will need to be paid on, or before collection of your pet. Any food left will be given back to you*

* Due to recent changes in law, You will be required to inform your own vet of your pet's stay with us, and to give your vet consent to pass on any information to Critter Lodge's registered vet in the case of an emergency* 

*A Veterinary Release form is to be filled in and signed on arrival. If your pet requires veterinary assitance while staying with us, we will go by the instructions given (by you) on the form, and any fees are to be paid (by you) on collection of your pet*

*Pets will be kept in a secure area, which is thoroughly cleaned and maintained with pet friendly products*

*If you are unable to collect your pet/s, please let us know by phone. charges will be incured for any additional nights your pet boards with us, and will be paid on, or before, collection of your pet*

*If a pet is not collected on the arranged date, and no contact has been made after four days, the animal will be re-homed*

*A form will be signed agreeing to all the above*





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